Deferral of Course

Our Faculty have adopted the guidelines for deferring a course as set out by the Paediatric Critical Care Society (PCCS).  This guidance is for all Faculty of Children's Nurse Education courses regardless of whether they are accredited by PCCS or not.

Deferral Claim Form 
link - before completing this form and returning to your course Lead; you must first read all guidance as set out below:

Guidance for Deferral from a Faculty of Children's Nurse Education course.

This guidance should be read in conjunction with your Trust’s study leave policies and if a conflict in wording exists; discuss with your course lead and manager.

What is Deferring from a course?

Deferring from a course of study is usually requested by a student when a change in their circumstances happens which could not have been predicted when the student started their course of study.

If deferral is requested during the assessment process period extenuating circumstances may be more appropriate (See PCCS EC guidance)

Deferring is different to withdrawing from a course. Deferring implies that the student plans to return to their studies at a specified time in the foreseeable future

Reasons for requesting a deferral (this is a suggestive not comprehensive list)

  • Pregnancy and maternity leave
  • Career break (which was not planned at the start of the course)
  • Long term sickness/injury
  • Long term sickness or injury to a family member

Procedure for Deferral

If a student wishes to ask for a deferral, the first action is to talk it though with their manager and course lead.  Once a period of deferral has been agreed the attached form should be signed and copies kept by all three parties

The maximum deferral period is normally 12 months, a longer period than this will impact on the student’s abilities to resume their studies where they left off without considerable support from the course and clinical teams. If this period is exceeded the student may be required to re-start the course from the beginning.

Assessment and clinical competency booklets should be submitted within 24 months of starting the course. 

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