The Faculty of Children’s Nurse Education (FCNE) facilitate modules, study days and other educational events for Registered Nurses at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children for the locality, the South West region, Wales and further afield.

The FCNE is committed to ensuring that children and their families receive the best possible treatment and care by providing support and education to our  hospital’s nurses through an evidence based approach to care delivery.

The team is made up of highly experienced Children’s Nurses who have chosen to develop their careers in both academic and clinical nurse education.  These educators have experience and expertise across many fields of paediatric practice and work collaboratively to share this experience across courses.

Other speciality nurse educators are affiliated to FCNE including those with expertise in Children’s Oncology Care and Trauma.

If you would like to contact any member of our team please email:


Rebekah Overend - Lead Nurse

My name is Rebekah and I am the Lead Nurse for the Faculty. My background as a Nurse is in paediatric surgery and I have been working in the Faculty since its inception. I work alongside colleagues to facilitate courses, especially those in Critical Care, but also have an interest in professional development and retention of the nursing and nursing support workforce. Being an educator has given me new perspectives on what is needed to progress Nurses in their career and it brings me joy to see others flourish, in whatever way that makes them feel a sense of achievement. 

I have just completed my MSc in Teaching and Learning for Health Professionals so understand the challenges of study whilst working! I enjoy reading, music....and roller coasters!


Alison Georgiou - Paediatric Nursing Associate Educator and clinical skills and practice development educator.

Hello, I facilitate the paediatric training for trainee nursing associates at BRCH and support education and skills training for Band 2-4 Health Care Support Workers. I also contribute to Clinical Update training for Registered Nurses. I am also the departments support for ward-based Clinical Support Facilitators, teach clinical skills, and have link roles centring around Enteral Feeding, Medicines Safety and Nurse Practice Group amongst others. I also provide opportunities for clinical supervision and guided reflection.

I love being in the fresh air, particularly pottering in my garden.

   Alison Jones - Lecturer Practitioner for Haematology, Oncology and BMT

I am responsible for the education of nurses who are caring for children and young people with cancer both within the Children's hospital and within the South West shared care region, in the absence of Emily Parsons who is on maternity leave.  I have previously been a Clinical Support Facilitator on Starlight ward (ward that cares for children and young people receiving treatment for cancer) at our children's hospital for 6 years and enjoy teaching and supporting staff to learn new skills and increasing their understanding of paediatric oncology, haematology and BMT.

Away from work I have 2 young children and we have recently had a puppy join the family all of whom, keep me busy!


Alison Wood - Nurse Educator Specialising in Cardiac Care

Hello, I’m Alison, the cardiac nurse educator.  I am relatively new to the faculty, but I have worked at Bristol Children’s hospital on the cardiac ward for a number of years.  I am enjoying the new challenges of a teaching role and looking forward to developing further cardiac education for the children’s hospital, south west region and beyond.

Aside from work, I enjoy having fun with my family and visiting different places when we can!

   Amie Milkins - Administrative Assistant

Amie is an administrative assistant whose role includes liaising with internal and external stakeholders for all FCNE related education.  Amie also has a specific focus on Band 2-4 Clinical education as well as the BRHC Clinical Nursing Orientation.

Dan Speakman - Lecturer Practitioner Specialising in Nephrology

I have worked on the Nephro-Urology ward for many years, moving from a Charge Nurse position to an education role in 2017.  My role is split educationally and clinically 70:30, working once a week in the haemodialysis unit and with the majority of my time focusing on the education of nephrology nurses.  I have developed a long term learning pathway for nursing staff that join our ward, delivering two multi-day education courses as well as two South West regional study days on dialysis and renal transplantation.

I like to keep active and love spending hours trail running in the nearby ranges, training for ultra-marathons, or road cycling and cycle touring.


Emily Parsons - Lecturer Practitioner for Paediatric Oncology, Haematology & Stem Cell Transplant

I'm responsible for the education of the nurses caring for cancer patients within our children’s hospital and our shared care centres in the South West. I facilitate oncology education throughout the year including a university accredited module with UWE.  I love teaching and supporting nurses to develop their knowledge and understanding of paediatric cancer care. I feel privileged to work with an incredible team, along with caring for such amazing patients.  

Away from work I love the seaside; especially Stand-up Paddle Boarding in Cornwall. I also love to travel around the world and have climbed the highest mountain in South East Asia.


Eve Hallam - Lecturer Practitioner specialising in PIC

In my role I am responsible for coordinating clinical and theoretical education for nursing staff on PICU. This involves planning, delivering and evaluating teaching sessions on the Paediatric Critical Care (PCC) courses, clinically supervising nursing staff on the PCC courses, and assisting with the wider education and training needs on PICU.

Hannah Brightman - Paediatric Critical Care Educator

My role is split between providing education on the PCC L3 and PCC L1&2 courses, as well as working 30 hours a month clinically in the critical care areas across the children’s hospital - PICU, Medical HDU, Burns HDU and Cardiac HDU.

Clinical shifts allow me to orientate and embed within the Trust, uphold and develop my own clinical competence, as well as inform the paediatric critical care courses to effectively respond to knowledge demand.

I previously worked on PICU at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, joining the PICU Education Team before transitioning into higher education at Birmingham City University where I was an Assistant Lecturer on the Nursing Associate Apprenticeship and acquired my AHE Fellowship in Teaching and Learning Practice.

I have a passion for nurse education and regularly volunteer with international charities to provide education and nursing in Africa.


Hayley West - Clinical Nurse Educator specialising in Critical Care Level's 1 & 2

I joined FCNE when it was set up in 2014 as a Nurse Educator for High Dependency Care. I became Course Lead for the Paediatric Critical Care Level 1 and 2 course at the end of 2019.  I enjoy supporting the educational needs of nurses on the wards and students that I meet on the various education facilitated by the Faculty. I have recently completed a  two year Diploma in Teaching and Education so I understand from a practical perspective what it takes to complete study as a working Mum! 

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and getting out for walks in the countryside, doing exercise classes and yoga.

Lucy Edwards - Practice Educator for the band 2-4 nursing workforce

I provide clinical education for Nursing Assistants with an additional focus on career progression/development. My clinical practice started in NICU at St Michaels followed by Penguin ward and latterly 4 years at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Each of these roles has had a focus on general, gut and neonatal surgery.  I have been working within education for a number of years and hold a PGcert in Clinical education with my last role as a Senior lecturer and Co-Programme Lead for the Childrens Nursing programme at UWE.

I am a very active person and like to keep fit with Military fitness exercise classes as well seeing family and friends.


Matthew McCall - Service Coordinator

I assist in coordinating, administering and marketing all FCNE and FCNE affiliated education.  This includes being the point-of-contact for internal and external stakeholders, as well as for all Moodle related queries. 

Pippa Haggitt

Pippa Haggitt - Long Term Ventilation Practice Educator

My role is to deliver and support education in the care of children who receive long term ventilation. I have recently joined the Faculty in spring 2021 and hope to set up LTV education to support the ongoing development of the hospital and region. I really enjoy teaching and helping others improve their knowledge and confidence in their own clinical ability. Clinically I have worked in a paediatric Emergency Department, a general medical ward and medical High Dependency Unit, where I developed an interest in respiratory medicine. I am also a Resuscitation Education Facilitator and teach on resus courses for staff throughout the Trust.

Similarly to a lot of the team I enjoy getting out and being active, I’ve really got into running throughout this past year and I hope to complete a marathon at some point!


Sarah Shinn- Nurse Educator specialising in neurosciences care

I joined the Faculty in January 2018 following 25 years of Neuroscience nursing in the acute and high dependency setting both as a Ward Nurse and Manager.  I am the module lead for the Foundation and Advanced Neuroscience courses and I am currently undertaking a Diploma in Education and Teaching.  

Away from the Faculty I like walking my dog Monty in the sunshine and visiting the South West to find a nice cottage to retire to!


Susie Gilbert - Operational Lead – Paediatric Clinical Skills Education

I am responsible for the planning and delivery of both UHBW’s Safeguarding Adult and Children training, Clinical holding techniques and the Paediatric Orientation Programme for our newly qualified nursing colleagues. The practice development and teaching of various paediatric clinical skills such as IV management, venepuncture, cannulation and immunisations I find hugely rewarding. I particularly enjoy being able to influence clinical practice through education, supporting staff to deliver high quality care to our patients and their families.


Zoe Coppin - IV Education Nurse

I provide clinical education and practice support to IV practitioners within BRHC. I provide classroom and ward based teaching, assist with trouble shooting problems related to IV Practice and provide IV practitioners with clinical support.

I love teaching and supporting others; enabling  them to develop both their IV management skills and confidence in practice and subsequently empowering them to provide exceptional patient care.

I have 2 small children who keep me very busy and I love to be in the great outdoors!