Academic Year 2022/2023 - Academic Regulations & Procedures

Overview & Disclaimer

Education is delivered by The Faculty of Children’s Nurse Education, working closely with partner organisations to ensure that modules meet the quality standards the department and partner organisations set.

The majority of modules are designed to meet the standards of a 20 credit Degree or Masters level module.  For advice regarding APEL and work based learning modules please contact the Faculty of Children’s Nurse Education or your local Higher Education Institute.

Information is correct at date of publication.  Courses are reviewed regularly and updated so details may change. Course resources reflect the policies and procedures of University Hospitals Bristol & Weston NHS Foundation Trust.

Practice in your work area may differ. Please seek advice from a locally based practice educator regarding appropriate practice at your organisation.

Alteration and falsification of Faculty of Children’s Nurse Education documents is not tolerated and will be investigated.  Disciplinary action may be undertaken and students may have to cease their studies due to this.

All reasonable steps are taken to ensure that services stated within our Handbooks are provided for.  We cannot guarantee these services in the event of industrial action or events beyond our departments control which may affect course delivery.  We will undertake all reasonable steps to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum in such cases.

Anonymity & Confidentiality

It is a professional standard to maintain anonymity and confidentiality throughout your work with regards to patients/carers/colleagues/organisations.  This extends to your studies.  If your work does not meet anonymity and confidentiality as set out in the marking criteria, you may be penalised.

Academic Support

Your course facilitators are experienced practitioners in their subjects who will provide you with academic support throughout your studies.  As well as email support you may wish to attend individual tutorials arranged at a mutually convenient time. 

You can only seek guidance from one member of the module team at a time.  If you wish to seek guidance from a second facilitator, you must first discuss with the original educator and gain their agreement.

Academic support stops one week before your assignment submission deadline.  After this time Faculty staff can only advise you on general queries.

Attendance & Study Hours

To meet the learning outcomes it is strongly recommended that you commit to attending each of the taught study days. For some modules this is a requirement prior to you being accepted onto the course.

Taught study days take place between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00. Breaks will be scheduled throughout the day.  Further information can be found in your course programme.

If you are unable to attend a study day please contact us prior to the start of the first session of the day.  You must also report your absence to your clinical area as per their absence policy.

To fully realise the module outcomes you must undertake additional self-study to underpin the knowledge gained through taught days.  This will ensure that you achieve your potential from the course.  This additional self-study may include being given learning materials to take away with you and help prepare yourself for an upcoming session during the course.

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